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Vrieco-Nauta™ Vakuum Dryers

Principle of operation

The Vrieco-Nauta conical mixer can be operated easily as a contact dryer making this advanced maschine very suitable for drying and allied processes. Heat energi is basically transferred into the product through a jacketed vessel wall causing solvents or moisture residues to evaporate. A rotating screw orbits along the vessel wall and helps the vapors to escape to the surface providing at the same time a frequent exchange of particles in contact with the heated surface. A vakuum system keeps the vessel under constant vakuum and removes the vapors from the the vessel having separated dust particles from the vapors first in a dustfilter on the top of the vessel. The vakuum conditions within the vessel also reduce the saturated vapor pressure of the solvent and this makes drying at much lower temperature possible. For recovery of solvents a condensor can be installed together with a collection vessel.

Vakuum Dryer

Vakuum Dryer

 CT Dryer
Drying time and progress of the drying process are dependent on the heat conduction of solid particles and solvents, pressure and temperature conditions as well as speeds of screw and arm.

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InfraRedTM Heater / Crystallizer


InfraRed Heater/Crystallizer
This unique thermal unit features a quick response infrared heat generating system and is capable of drying, calcining, or heating a wide range of polymers, minerals, and industrial chemicals with varying resident times and temperatures

                  Prospekt: InfraRed Heater
Grain & Bean Roasting
Controlled Heat History Localized Mixing
Controlled Residence Time Uniform Treatment
Features and Benefits:
Gently handles all particle shapes with minimal degradation
Reduced utility requirements allows quick and simple installation
Instant activation or deactivation of heat source of quick startup 
or shutdown
No high volumes of hot gas makes for efficient and environmentally
friendly operation
Exact control of input energy allows for variable capacities and
turndown ratios as high as 10:1
Radiant heat and counter-rotation agitation allows precise handling
of even sticky materials during thermal reaction
Compact design allows for installation or retrofit in applications with
space limitations

In 1996, a new infrared heater was introduced by Hosokawa Alpine to incorporate state-of -the art technology and add a new dimension to the company's existing line of polyester crystallizers.
Using infrared lamps as its heat source, the heater offers minimum gas flow demands and does not require a heat transfer medium for product heat-up.

The heaters are designed to provide focused radiation for high heat transfer rates while allowing the polymer chip to be agitated and conveyed at low RPMs to minimize fines generation. The precise control capability of the infrared heater provides superior response times and allows an immediate stop to the heat source during power failures.

The exceptional versatility of these units results in a number of advantages, including the ability to segregate the heating to allow for stepped temperature increases followed by annealing zones, if desired. Employing such approaches may yield desirable chemical and physical effects of polyester polymer that leads to improved product quality. Hosokawa Alpine has two models available for testing at its Minneapolis facility. One unit is capable of production capacities up to 400 lbs. per hour and the other up to 1,000 lbs. per hour.

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Torusdisc® Dryer/Cooler


Torus Dryer/Cooler
The Torusdisc® Dryer / Cooler is a continuous thermal system that combines high heat transfer rates with extended residence times.  It is designed to gently process powders, pellets, cakes and slurries without buildup of sticky materials.

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Continuator® Dryer/Reactor


Continuator Dryer/Reactor
This efficient piece of equipment is our customers' choice for processing products requiring extended residence times coupled with low thermal input. The Continuator® Dryer / Reactor is typically used downstream of a Torusdisc® or Solidaire® as a second stage dryer / reactor.

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Solidaire® Dryer/Cooler

The Solidaire® Dryer / Cooler is designed to process solids, slurries and gels in a variety of heating, cooling and drying applications. This unit combines turbulent agitation with the ability to process even heat sensitive materials in short to medium residence times.

 Solidaire® Dryer

Applications Include:

Flour Modification Enzyme Deactivation
Starch Modification Sterilization - flour & grains

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Solution Concentration syrups


Thermascrew® Dryer/Cooler


Therma Screw Dryer/Cooler
The Thermascrew® is a hollow screw, jacketed trough dryer / cooler with 3 to 4 times more heat transfer area than simple jacketed screw conveyors.  Its twin screw design provides excellent backmixing and recycle rates for sticky products.

Applications Include:         
Cooling High Fat Mixes
Long Residence Time
Meat Braising

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Micron DryerTM / Grinder / Classifier

This unique product allows grinding, classifying and high rates of evaporation to occur in a single step.  The totally-enclosed system is designed for precise moisture control and uniform particle size even on heat-sensitive materials.   

Micron Dryer
Features and Benefits:
High overall heat transfer coefficient
Uniform product characteristics
Particle size / moisture control through PLC
Handles pastes or powders
Short residence time
Dust-free operation
Space saving design 

Applications  include:

Pre-cooked Flours Food Colours
Sodium Bicarbonate Potato Chip Reclaim
Gums & Thickeners Magnesium Hydroxide

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Mikro LGMTM Long Gap Mill

The NEW Mikro-LGM™ long gap mill assures superior product quality and peak operational efficiency.  Built upon the strength of Hosokawa’s unparalleled experience in size reduction, thermal processing and classification, the Mikro-LGM™ long gap mill  is designed to meet the exacting demands of a wide variety of industrial applications. Prior to the development of the Mikro-LGM™ long gap mill, materials had to be dried and de-agglomerated in two separate operations. For example, a rotary drum dryer was used to dry materials that had been wet milled. A separate grinding/de-agglomeration process followed the drying operation. The Mikro-LGM™ long gap mill is Hosokawa’s solution for streamlining these two operations into one continuous process.  
This type of dryer is commonly referred to as a “gap” type mill. It is called a “long” gap mill because of the long annular gap path the process material takes from the inlet to the discharge.  By combining several operations such as flash drying, de-agglomeration and surface coating into one operation, a Mikro-LGM™ long gap mill eliminates the need for multiple material handling systems which subsequently increases process efficiencies. The dried powders often do not require any further size reduction. Both slurries and wet cake can be handled.    
For dry grinding, modular options include: direct and independent drive classifiers; pre-grind rotor stage; an integrated jet mill and variable stage rotor design. The smaller size Mikro- LGM™ Long Gap Mills are engineered with a split body housing for easy maintenance and cleaning. The Mikro-LGM™ long gap mill processes high moisture materials in wet cake form as well as dry solid feed stocks up to one inch. Finished product particle sizes of D97 < 10 microns can be achieved.       
Typical Applications Include:
Mineral Fillers
Carbon Black
PVC Resin
Amorphous and fumed silica
Cryogenic grinding of rubber and elastomers

The Mikro-LGM™ long gap mill has demonstrated superior performance over all other mechanical mills in reducing grit from pre-sized and agglomerated powders. Typical results are less than 1 part per million (ppm) residue on a 44 micron sieve starting from a feed stock with a residue of 120ppm. 

This performance is achieved with a powerful grinding mechanism coupled with a precision internal air classifier. The air classifier is designed for a theoretical cut point of 2-5 microns, depending on the particle density. Rejected particles are forced away from the classifier wheel and redirected outside of the mill back to the material inlet using a patented re-circulation system.    

Design Options Include:
Variable rotor height to diameter ratios
Adjustable gap clearance
Frequency controlled rotor drive
Adjustable coarse extraction and recirculation device
Independent or single shaft internal classifier
Liquid injection device for coating application
Pre-grinding rotor for large feed material

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Fluid Beds

Hosokawa's  Fluid Beds are designed for batch or continuous drying / cooling of a wide range of food, chemicals and polymers. Our fluid beds are designed  for  accurate scale up and can accommodate many difficult-to-handle materials.
Features / Benefits:
Custom designed to match individual applications
Minimal maintenance costs with no mechanical or moving parts
Control of particle "carryout" and "fines" separation

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